Dreamline: The process of out lining dreams

I have been getting into different economic and business type books. Now am on “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. One common problem that I end up having with most of these books is that they seem to stand on the edge of physiology or self-help type of books.  Which i fear may be nothing more than snake oil. Or even have the slightest paranoia that they are spreading misinformation for their own advancement. However, This Timothy Ferriss seems to be making some interesting and legitimate points so far. 

The entire book is based around the fault in the common “deferred” life style. Which is working 40 hours a week for 30 – 40 years in hopes that one day you will be able to enjoy retirement, and never have to do the things you don’t like to ever again. Ferriss states that this approach is useless and even damaging. He believes the best way to live is to set extraordinary goals, take risks, only work four hours a week, and enjoy several “mini-retirements.” All of which sounds absolutely awesome. And Ferriss himself is apparently a high accomplished individual who has high achievements in all sorts of ridiculous filed including tango and Chinese kick boxing. As well as fluent in 6 languages.

He offers some exercises that will help people get into this mind set. I will save judgment on the book until i have finished it entirely, but in the mean time these seem like some fun exercises and most likely useful. Below is my first “Dreamline” in which you are supposed to list out unrealistic goals, determine the monthly cost to be able to accomplish these goals, and then list out the steps that are needed to take. The key word here is unrealistic.  I thought this looked like a fun exercise and could be interesting thing to make public. So here it is

THINGS TO HAVE (1350/ month)

  1. Rented house in the city (800/mo)
  2. Motorcycle (300 / mo)
  3. Chinese manufactured bamboo go table (800) (130 / mo)
  4. New Suit (700)  (120/mo)
  5. State of the art homemade desktop (1500)  ($250/mo)


  1. Fluent in Spanish
  2. Proficient at programming in Python and Java
  3. in the best shape of my life

THINGS TO DO (230/mo)

  1. Take road trip up pacific coast into Canada. (1200)(200/mo)
  2. Sky-dive (200)(30/mo)
  3. Find smart/sexy/interesting girlfriend
  4. Volunteer at children hospital
  5. Start community garden

TOTAL =  230 + 1350 * 1.3*(400) = 2100/month = 70 / day


today:Contact friend about obtaining Spanish learning software ; start daily two mile run ; check homework with python scripts:

tomorrow : research couch surfing and major destinations ; invite friends on road trip ; check on volunteer opportunities

day after : find possible roommates for house ; look on Craig’s list for possible areas.

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