Thomas Young, Polymath, Teaser

Tomas Young: polymath,  renascence man.

 People who can put a life time of thought and hard work into any one field and at the end make a vital contribution to the area are considered very talented and usually lucky. A civil engineer’s crowing career achievement may be a large, beautiful, bridge. A computer scientist may eventually design some software that can defeat the worlds best baduk player (the crowing achievement of and only reason computers were invented ).  These individuals might also be well accomplished musicians, writers, athletes, or artiest. They might speak multiple languages, enjoy history and become knowledgeable in some segment of it. There are many endeavors that people can set their spare time to that allow us to live rich, diverse, and fulfilling lives.

However, in competition with family and friends these things tend to become much less developed than they could be, and the hobbies and pursues usually become side notes. They become subtleties of a person and are seen to help characterize or fulfill an individual. It is a very rare case when an individual is seen to characterize or fulfill one of these areas. To be so developed and competent that they become part of the art its self. They become a subtlety of the area as Bach and John Lennon are to music.

These are the people you will come across when doing any in-depth study.  They give major contributions to their field, and become famous people of history. Most of these spend a life time in solitary pursuit of their goal. Many shunned other aspects of their lives by narrowing their approach to reach such a level. This is usually what separates the great out of the mediocre  and the masters from the jack’s-of-all-trades.

However, there exist people who are the jack of all trades masters. These people, called polymaths, cause the brain to turn gymnastics to comprehend their impact and scope. Thomas Young, if I don’t say so my self, is one of the greatest of these.

A person obtaining a bachelor degree in either physics, engineering (civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, etc.), history, linguistics, anthropology,  or music will undoubtedly stumble across this man’s name at some point during their academic career.  With out Thomas Young a living standard past that of the 16th century simply could not exist.  Below are some pictorial representations of his contributions.


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