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Quick History Entry, and mention of new book.

It is the end of Martin Luther King day and i have to be awake in 6 and 1/2 hours.  So This is not going to be as in-depth and as i would like it to be.  Also, there are many … Continue reading

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The unlikelihood of polymaths

Thinking of polymaths like Thomas Young naturally leads to thinking of human achievement. Though most people do not  become wildly successful intellectuals or athletes, most do have a job or something they do regularly.  What determines success in each individuals field? Bill Gates has become … Continue reading

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Thomas Young, Polymath, Teaser

Tomas Young: polymath,  renascence man.  People who can put a life time of thought and hard work into any one field and at the end make a vital contribution to the area are considered very talented and usually lucky. A civil … Continue reading

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