Boy is this Difficult.

Felt i needed to just get on here and get something put down. Finals all the past week and lazyness for this one.  As a result this blog has taken a seat on the back burner, although only given four entries, its hard to think that it has ever been on any other burner. However, that will soon change

In an effort to make this a regular thing I will start to write a blog ever two or three days. These will be short, and will take no more than five minuets to read. In addition they will also be edited, precise and well researched.  

Now to discuss subject material. I will not be too focused and will try to cover many different topics. The only thing that will be constant in every entry will be the format.  I will soon have to write a report for the supper science research I am currently doing and in preparation for this i will try to include most entries in a research paper format. That is with references, a clear flow of ideas, and logical order. 

My first entry will be on Thomas Young, one the greatest scientist, thinkers, and all around human to have existed in my, and hopefully soon to be your, opinion. Research will begin to day and entry will be published the day after Christmas at the latest.  



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