Entry 3: Thoughts

List of thoughts:

  1. No more homeless pets and feed the homeless could be soulutions to each others problems. There is not reason that this shouldn’t work unless you value something more than a human solely because it is cute. cute things are food too. 
  2. Lables are extreamly difficult to get off of some bottles and easy to get off of others. What is the difference in these labels and why are some drink companies such bastards about it? glue or malice.
  3. Honey, just what the hell is it?
  4. Organic foods, really worth the hype?
  5. Reading is supposed to be intellectually stimulating. Yet can some litteratue be as brain numbing TV?
  6. Hats: a progression over the centuries. From coonskin to baseball, from yammicas to turbans to beenies. How hats relfect culture and times.
  7. Properway to trim fingernails for guitar picking.
  8. Music: quality not entiriely based on perception: some of it actually sucks.
  9. Why science fiction is simular to country music: though there is some that is really really good. most of it sucks
  10. Why Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Inception are just not that good.
  11. Judging wine, beer, art, music, food, and film based on non professional and very inept grounds.
  12. Space.
  13. Things to read: Philosophy, fiction, biographies  histories, maths, and sciences.
  14. Religion
  15. cooking. A lot of very easy to make food that is awesome.
  16. Charity, how to do it and the best place to put your time and money.
  17. Call center jobs: How you being an ass hole to telemarketers has proablily lead to suicides. But its okay because they dont have souls
  18. Whiskey Vs. Vodka. challenge?
  19. Whiskey Vs. Gin. accepted!
  20. Developing late in life accents.
  21. Do English people really have accents or are they just faking it?
  22. Stephen Hawking, Predecessor to Darth Vader?
  23. College…Really worth it?
  24. Best approach to get into carpentry.
  25. Chess Vs. Go: Clear winner but why
  26. Why Go is better than chess
  27. Why I have a hatred for Go
  28. Multiple base arthimitic. Learn bionary.
  29. Learning journal. I need to know java
  30. and spanish
  31. and politics.
  32. Why i cannot follow politics with any effeciency.
  33. Humming bird feeder design

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