Entry 2: Tables

Remember walking into your room to search for an item that you swear you placed on a table not even an hour ago, only to find that that item has vanished? At that moment the world seems to break down ever so slightly. Your since of security and understanding is shaken for a moment as your foundation shifts. Usually this feeling is short lived as you soon relies that you actually placed that item in your coat pocket, or you see that you had placed it on the other corner table. These moments carry a sense of both frustration and humility, at least for me, as i see my ability to even control my own personal surroundings  lacks. Also, i dont believe i am alone in this and that it is indeed part of humanity.

Before you start to make any judgements that claim i have some issues with control and that this is an underlying problem that is manifesting itself please hear me out.


Consider a table, any table. what a table is, and what it is used for. Really all a table is is an elevated surface that is used to place things on. Devoid of material, design, placement, and specific function this is the essence of a table.

A table does not necessarily hold things more efficiently than the ground does, in fact you could say that the ground has many advantages over the table since the possibility of object falling and/or breaking is significantly lower on the ground than on a table of any height. However, we (that is us) have a particular desire not to have things sitting on the ground, whether for convenience or ascetics  The ground is only a good place for a few certain things, and most of those things are tables. We place tables on the ground, that is furniture (all furniture is just different variations of tables e.g. a bed is  table for your body) and every thing else we place on tables.

If a table were to have consciousness, its entire thought would be on how to hold things, what things it was holding, if it was holding them well enough, and what opportunity may the future present for holding. If fact the tables well being and disposition would be entirely centered around how it held things. a Happy table would be one that full field its holding duty properly and a sad table would be one that fails to holding duty. You could say that tables run the entire gambit of emotion based on to what degree they fulfill their purpose.

However, as you should expect, tables to do not feel emotion and do not have consciousness  Rather it is us ( that is we ) who hold stake in a tables functioning. really the ground could be used for everything we need.  we could read on the ground, store books on the ground, study on the ground, write on the ground, sleep on the ground, eat on the ground, work on the ground, nearly every activity of your life could be just as well accomplished on the ground.However, this does not suit us. We use tables to regulate our environment on a very basic level. they are used for organization and comfort ( shelves and beds) for working ( desks) for display ( many pieces of art are put on selves) not to mention for eating. all these activities result in the need for many many different tables, So much of what we do requires them that our lives become filled with tables.


And we do not stop there. The elevated surface is not enough in of its self. The material is of importance. a hard material is needed if it is used as a work bench, and padding and sheets are required if a person will be sitting or sleeping on it. a table is made out of nicely finished wood if it is to help entertain companies or it is made of steel to support heavy machinery. We choose are tables to suit us, to suit our needs and to provide the environment that we wish to spend our time in.

Now, after we put so much of our needs and wants into our tables when we use them we do so in a very deliberate matter (weather we mean to or not). When we place a drink on a coffee table we have assurance that that is its proper place. The drink is sitting there, it is resting, and even though we are not holding it the drink is still ours, it is still in our possession. If you walk into a room and see a drink sitting on a table do you not assume it is in use? like wise, if you see the drink on the floor is it not strange and you wonder if someone forgot about it or if it is just litter? So having this control and these ideas of owner ship of both objects and space is it not melancholy when that item goes missing.

Really the only thing that isnt a table is a hook, and you dont want to get me started on hooks.

Now for you, more pictures of tables


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