beer and thoughts on first enetry

  1. amn it. This is the second damn time that i taped my mouse pad and deleted my whole entry. Finally learned to turn the pad off when i have something atleast mildly lengthy to type and will not be needing it. Lessoned learned but at a heavy cost. Now i will continue what has been destroyed. 

    This is an image of the last bit of a home brewed rye pale ale that i have enjoyed over the past few weeks.  I was actually a bit sad after i slurped down the last drop because i have no good beer in line. You see, it takes about a month for a beer to be ready to be consumed after you have finished brewing. I am still a few months out from having the pumpkin and honey beers ( two seperate batches) that i’ve had going.) furthermore, those beers are a group project, both brewed and paid for by a group, so the whole bundle will not be going to me and mine, sadly. So there is another lesson learned, always have something in line or rather on the go, for when you run out. 

    I suppose this ideal could be applied further than just wanting to have my delicious intoxicating beverages available and made into a life lesson. All ways have something in line, or a backup if you will, for what ever you may be doing. 

    If your attempting to cook a hashbrown breakfast for the first time make sure you at least have some oatmeal to fall back on after the potatoes are singed ( i dont think that is spelled correctly, i meant it as a intersting synonym for burnt) If you want to follow your dreams as an artist, make sure you have a career to fall back on. If your going to a gun fight, be sure to have an ankle strap. if your intertaing children, have a spongebob type. rock climbing, bring rope. Going to family gathering, download lots of music and pod cast to phone. safty nets people. safetly nets.

    So there is a powerful life lesson that i have learned from beer, or at least had beer reinforce. 


    Ah. First time starting a blog and i think there could be many good things to come of this.  Have not done much wringing since i finished my last log at the end of high school, and in a way i’m glad i haven’t been able to keep one up though out college. However, the time now seems right.

    Not expecting many people to see this, if any at all. So i will look at it as a great way to store my information, creations, research, and ideas.  Not only will this make for good future reading, but will also help me develop a deeper understanding of the things that interest me (best way to make sure you know something is to see if you can clearly communicate it. especially though writing), and over time improve my writing. 

    Looking at this as a test entryImage

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